CS Graduate Courses for Spring 2024

Last Updated: Friday, October 13

NOTE: This page is now deprecated. Please see Lou’s List or SIS for the most up-to-date information. This page will be retained for a short period.

Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor Meeting
CS 6316 Machine Learning Shangtong Zhang TuTh 14:00-15:15
CS 6354 Computer Architecture Samira Khan TuTh 12:30-13:45
CS 6465 Human-Robot Interaction Tariq Iqbal TBD
CS 6501 Software Logic Kevin Sullivan MoWe 11:00-12:15
CS 6501 Network Security and Privacy Yixin Sun MoWe 14:00-15:15
CS 6501 Reinforcement Learning Chen-Yu Wei MoWe 09:30-10:45
CS 6501 Internet of Trillions ofThings Kun Qian MoWe 12:30-13:45
CS 6501 Natural Language Processing Yu Meng MoWe 15:30-16:45
CS 6501 Hardware Accelerators Kevin Skadron TuTh 14:00-15:15
CS 6501 Responsible AI Ferdinando Fioretto MoWe 15:30-16:45
CS 6501 Digital Signal Processing Tom Fletcher TuTh 11:00-12:15
CS 6501 Advanced Embedded Systems Homa Alemzadeh MoWe 14:00-15:15
CS 6501 Generative AI Seminar Yanjun Qi TuTh 09:30-10:45
CS 6501 Modern Computing Artchitectures Adwait Jog TuTh 11:00-12:15
CS 6501 Learning in Robotics Madhur Behl TuTh 15:30-16:45
CS 6763 Cyber-Physical Systems: Formal Methods, Safety and Security Lu Feng TuTh 15:30-16:45
CS 6888 Software Analysis and Applications Matthew Dwyer MoWe 12:30-13:45
CS 6890 Industrial Applications All Instructors TBD
CS 6993 Independent Study All Instructors TBD
CS 7993 Independent Study All Instructors TBD
CS 7995 Supervised Project Research All Instructors TBD
CS 8897 Graduate Teaching Instruction All Instructors TBD
CS 8999 Thesis All Instructors TBD
CS 9897 Graduate Teaching Instruction All Instructors TBD
CS 9999 Dissertation All Instructors TBD