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UVA CS Advising Guide

Site Last Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

This guide is currently in beta and is under construction. While the information here should be accurate, we are actively looking for any inconsistencies. If you find anything, please email Prof. Sherriff.

Information for Fall 2023

Important Dates:

  • Courses listed in SIS: Friday, March 17
  • Shopping carts open in SIS (students can pre-select courses): Friday, March 24
  • First day of undergraduate registration: Monday, April 10

Courses for Fall 2023:

Additional Courses May Be Added or Instructors Changed:

  • The department is hoping to hire new faculty to start in Fall 2023. If we have new faculty joining the department this fall, we will announce any changes to the course schedule as soon as we can.

Old Curriculum Transition:

  • Fall 2023 will be the final semester we offer CS 4414: Operating Systems in its “old curriculum” form. The course will be locked to ONLY 4th year BSCS and CPE majors. If you need to take this course, please make sure to sign up for it on time!
  • Students on the old curriculum who have not completed the core courses up through CS 3330 by the start of the Fall 2023 semester should email their advisor and the appropriate program director - or - with your situation.

Physics 2 Replacement:

  • Prof. Keith Williams has created a new course that has been approved to count in place of PHYS 2415/2419 - ECE 2200: Applied Physics (Credits: 4). Taking this course will fully satisfy the Physics 2 requirement.