CS Minor

The information on this page is intended for students who newly declared the CS minor starting in the fall of 2021. Students who declared before this time (or have previously taken CS 2110) should see the information for the old curriculum.

CS Minor Requirements

The Computer Science minor requires credit for six CS courses as described below. Any undergraduate student in the university who has completed CS 2100 with a C- or better can apply for the minor.

To obtain a minor in computer science, a student must complete the following requirements:

Students with a computer science or computer engineering major are ineligible for the CS minor.

Any student who completes all of the requirements for a minor in Computer Science before graduation will be awarded the minor if they submit the minor request form at the beginning of their graduation semester.

Declaring the CS Minor

The CS Minor is a SEAS minor, even for students who are not in SEAS. Thus, any student applying for the minor must use the following online DocuSign form: Minor Declaration Form – School of Engineering & Applied Science