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BACS Information

  1. Undergraduate Record
  2. Declaring the Major
  3. Degree Handouts and Resources
  4. Degree Requirements
    1. BACS Prerequisites
    2. BACS Required CS Courses
    3. Computer Science Electives
    4. Integration Electives
  5. Distinguished Majors Program

Undergraduate Record

The official undergraduate record contains the official rules for completing the degree program. If there is any disagreement between these pages and the rules in the undergraduate record, the record is the final authority.

UVA BACS Undergraduate Record 2022-2023

Declaring the Major

See the page on Declaring the BACS.

Degree Handouts and Resources

Degree Requirements

BACS Prerequisites

To declare the degree, you must have completed the following:

  • An introductory computer science course, such as CS 1110 , CS 1111 , CS 1112 , CS 1113 or CS 1120 , or an equivalent course; or successful completion of the associated place-out test.
  • CS 2100 - Data Structures and Algorithms 1 (with C+ or higher) or equivalent or successful completion of the associated place-out test.

BACS Required CS Courses

All BACS majors must complete the following courses (20 credits):

Computer Science Electives

All BACS majors must complete 9 credits (normally 3 courses) of CS electives. These are CS courses at the 3000-level or above, in addition to the required courses listed above. At most, 3 credits of CS 4993 (Independent Study) can be counted towards this requirement. CS 4980 and CS 4998 cannot be counted towards this requirement.

Integration Electives

All BACS majors must complete 12 credits of Integration Electives. These are non-CS courses that contribute to this program of study by exploring applications of computing to arts and sciences fields in a significant way or by providing fundamental computing depth and background. Integration electives are courses offered by departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The list of approved courses can be found in the BACS section of the UG Record.

Distinguished Majors Program

Prof. David Evans manages the BACS Distinguished Majors Program (DMP), and details about that program can be found at Students who apply to and are accepted to be in the Distinguished Majors Program must complete the usual degree requirements as well as a fourth year thesis project. This requires two semesters of CS 4998 - Distinguished BA Majors Research (3 credits each semester) in addition to the usual requirements.

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